The Action Researcher/Performer

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Astra Howard is an Action Researcher/Performer working predominantly within public spaces in cities.  Since 1998 Astra has designed and produced site-specific works under the banner of CityARC, (the City Action Research Centre) in cities across Australia, and internationally, including: Beijing, Paris, New York, Delhi, Hanoi and London.  After completing a PhD in 2005 titled: 'Orchestrating the Public: To Reveal and Activate through Design the Experience of the City', Astra has continued to test urban and social theories in the city spaces they critique.  Undertaking various projects commissioned by city councils, state government departments and community/arts organizations, Astra has designed and directed these projects using iterative research methodologies.  Information is gathered about a location, the data collected and visualised, which in turn generates dialogue and debate amongst members of the public about issues affecting their city.  At the same time as producing these public projects, Astra has worked professionally as a designer in commercial agencies, as a lecturer in the higher education sector and as a community development worker, predominantly in crisis homeless services.  The varied collaborative projects undertaken within these employment roles have not been uploaded to this website. 




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