Feeling Cities - Public Contact Vehicle (M-V05 FCPCV)

Feeling Cities - Public Contact Vehicle 1.1

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Function: To create an opportunity for two people to connect only through the sensation of touch and to provide the public with an opportunity to see and interpret two strangers (of age, culture, gender difference) interact.

Design Features: Dry weather aluminium and timber construction: seating for two;50mm steering wheels (x 2) and 50mm wheels with breaks (x 2); blinds for shade and anonymity for those engaged (x 2); an easy to assemble internal clear acrylic sheet connecting passage; downward positioned viewing screens to enable participants limited view of the connecting passage.

Deployment: Possible in most city terrains.  Hard surfaces, concrete or bitumen easier than softer gravel or grass.  Steep slopes to be avoided.  Level ground required when stationary.  Medium to busy pedestrian traffic location most effective.

Public Engagement: One member of the public can directly interact with the AR/P at any one time.  Unlimited public audience.

Action Researcher/Performer's (AR/P) Role: Engages with a member of the public through the act of touch.

Assistant's Role: One assistant required for explanation to the public when necessary and to undertake still and video image documentation.

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