Heightened Drawing Platform (M-V06 HDP)

The Heightened Drawing Platform 1.1

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Function: To identify and record through drawing, notable aspects of a location; and to increase public awareness of the visual aspects of a location and the role of interpretation and image making.

Design Features: All weather aluminium and clear acrylic sheet construction; seating for one; 70mm wheels with breaks (x 4); adjustable mirror panels; and storage area.

Deployment: Possible in most city terrains.  Hard surfaces, concrete or bitumen easier than softer gravel or grass.  Steep slopes to be avoided.  Level ground required when stationary.  Medium to busy pedestrian traffic location most effective.

Public Engagement: Unlimited public audience.

Action Researcher/Performer's (AR/P) Role: To draw on the inside clear acrylic sheet surfaces, the observed scene at a particular location.

Assistant's Role: One assistant required for explanation to the public when necessary and to undertake still and video image documentation.

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