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Description: The Action Researcher/Performer kept a diary of everything she ate and drank over a period of forty-three days.  From this data, she then created a printed handbook and a tape recording of herself reading the information.  For the same duration of time, the Action Researcher/Performer documented with photography, everything she excreted.  These photographs were then grouped together in series (based on the amount of excretions per day) and mounted onto horizontal panels.  A label was placed underneath each photograph indicating the time and date that the excretion had occurred.  A selection of four of these photos were then enlarged to A2 size and mounted onto boards.  The series of panels were then taken to Coogee Beach Women's Public toilet and installed on the internal walls.  The tape recording of food and drink consumed by the Action Researcher/Performer was played aloud on a continuous loop and handbooks of the data were made available for further reading.  The externalisation (making public), through documentation and exhibition of these internal (private) body functions, extended the physical parameters of the isolated physical form.  Both women and men were encouraged to enter the space to view the exhibition and most exclaimed  (to their own surprise), their genuine interest in the display.


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