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Description: Two Action Researcher/Performers had a portable tape recorder hidden in their coat pockets playing a pre-recorded soundtrack of a pedestrian crossing signal in both its slow waiting phase and hurried walking tone.  As the tape played in a continuous loop, they would walk in a defined footpath area of Newtown according to the type of sounds heard.  During the ‘wait’ signal sound, the Action Researcher/Performers would pace slowly back and forth and when the shorter ‘walk’ signal was heard, they would stop and mark the ground with chalk around their feet.  The Action Researcher/Performers progressively merged closer to one another and then separated in different formations over the course of several hours, as their recordings fell in and out of sync.  Consequently, at certain spots on the ground the chalk markings were intense, overlapping and merging with one another's lines, whereas at other locations the marks were very sparse. 


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