Public [Private] Living Spaces 1

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Description: Two Action Researcher/Performers spent a period of twenty-four hours positioned within two public telephone booths located side by side on a footpath in Randwick.  During this time, they remained silent, corresponding with one another and members of the public via writing or drawing.  They were equipped with a range of recording devices such as: tape recorders, pens, paper, fabric, scissors and chalk.  Both Action Researcher/Performers intuitively recorded different aspects of the local environment, one focusing more on the surrounding architectural elements as well as different forms of social engagement, whereas the other noted changing weather conditions and the movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the site.  A coding system was developed to efficiently document notable and repetitive aspects of the scene.  Some members of the public who chose to use the public telephones during the research period had their conversations recorded.  These one-sided discussions were then transcribed onto the internal and external surfaces of the telephone booths for others to read. 

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