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Description: Three Action Researcher/Performers were positioned on the busy footpath of Macleay Street in Kings Cross, each equipped with a whiteboard marker pen in hand.  They temporarily attached three large vertical mirrors to some hoarding covering a shop that was under construction at the time.  Assigned to one mirror each, they drew directly onto the surface the scene that was reflected behind, paying attention simultaneously to the static and moving details.  Many passers-by stopped to observe and in doing so cast themselves more permanently within the evolving scene.  Drawing across body forms, architectural structures and transportation infrastructure enabled the Action Researcher/Performers to notate the choreography and intersection between animate and inanimate elements of the city.  The different style and content of drawings recorded by each Action Researcher/Performer also revealed how personal observation can create unique interpretations of site.  One mirror revealed time spent accurately representing the characteristic identities reflected in the mirror, another focused on the negative space that existed between infrastructure and bodies and the third noted the physical proximity and relationship between different members of the community.

© Astra Howard 2014