Caught in conversation 

Caught in conversation 1.1

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Description: Reflecting on her experience of Paris, the Action Researcher/Performer wrote an array of personal statements and questions onto a series of white cards.  With these cards in hand, she then entered train carriages on the Metro system and sat down on seats that faced other commuters.  As the train left the station, she began turning the cards around, to reveal these reflections and silently pose the questions to the observing public.  Once all of the cards had been shown, she stood up and exited the train at the next stop, whereupon she changed lines and entered another train carriage heading in a different direction to begin the process again.  Passengers initially appeared inquisitive but a little resistant to the unfolding 'mute' conversation, no doubt imagining that it could be another form of begging, so prevalent in the carriages.  After having read a few of the signs however, many passengers began to smile, a few started chuckling to themselves and others alighted the train at the same time as the Action Researcher/Performer to continue the conversation. 

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