Conversatin Sticks

Conversation Sticks 1.1

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Description: The Action Researcher/Performer identified a series of questions that she had hoped to ask locals in Beijing that could assist her negotiating the city as a first time visitor.  These questions were then translated into Mandarin and written onto separate pieces of brown paper in thick black marker pen.  The pages relating to each question were then attached to one another by using a wooden stick, piercing through each page in a manner similar to food being served on skewers at local markets.  The Action Researcher/Performer then took her series of question constructions to a local market and placed them on a disused table.  She offered the 'conversation sticks' to market goers who progressively pulled off each piece of paper to reveal the questions contained.  Locals assisted reading and then translating the answers to the questions posed by the Action Researcher/Performer until all of the question sticks has been ‘consumed’.

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