Pedicab Passages

Pedicab Passages 1.1

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Description: Two Action Researcher/Performers were positioned on rotation within a pedicab that had been hired for a three-hour period.  The passenger section of the vehicle was then wrapped completely in hessian material.  Suspended inside this cannopy were two candles to partially illuminate those sitting inside.  Using a paintbrush and black ink, the Action Researcher/Performers wrote about their experience of the local area directly onto the inside of the suspended hessian material.  Once the material was completely covered in the narrative script, the pedicab stopped and a new piece of hessian was attached.  At this time, two different Action Researcher/Performers entered inside to tell their story and the role of peddling the vehicle was also changed.  The slowly moving pedicab attracted a crowd of followers, many relating the form to a traditional Chinese puppet show, or the moving of 'significant people' inside.  When the vehicle passed in front of the newly developed commercial shopping complexes, the radiating light rendered the material opaque, immediately concealing those inside.  Only when it returned again to the less illuminated areas of the neighbourhood, did the inhabitants and narrative become visible again.  

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