Stethoscopic Security

Stethoscopic Security 1.1

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Description: Wearing a white lab coat and carrying a medical stethoscope around her neck, the Action Researcher/Performer visited the Sydney Opera House, Parliament House, and the Stock Exchange in Sydney to test their inherent condition.  The chestpiece of the stethoscope was placed against the buildings and then slowly moved across the surface in order for the Action Researcher/Performer to listen for any significant variations.  While moving the stethoscope across the outer surface of these buildings, the Action Researcher/Performer slowly advanced towards their entrance to assess their accessibility (degrees of 'porosity') to the public.  At the Opera House, security guards watched from a distance as the Action Researcher/Performer slowly advanced along the external walls and entered the public foyer area.  At Parliament House, as the Action Researcher/Performer began to climb the stairs at the entrance to the building, security guards approached to question and then stop her activity (including asking her documentation assistant to stop filming immediately).  At the Stock Exchange the Action Researcher/Performer was able to examine the outside walls and then to wander into the public atrium without challenge.  

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