Life-time:Story-line 1.1

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Description: The Action Researcher/Performer invited Big Issue vendors (from the homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged community) to join her in the 24 Seven Gallery to tell their story.  A timeline was drawn on the back wall of the space identifying key moments in the life of each individual.  On the surface of the window at the front of the space, the Action Researcher/Performer wrote (necessarily backwards so that the people on the outside could read) social and urban theories related to the city experience as well as her own observations about the street life of Melbourne.  Members of the public stopped to watch the live story-telling process as they looked through and between the theoretical texts on the window panels.  Many passers-by expressed a genuine interest in the unfolding scripts of these otherwise untold local narratives of the city.

Guest contributors: Ron, Allan, Adam, Paul, Jim, John, Marie.


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