Street Stories 1

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Description: The Action Researcher/Performer recorded stories by patrons of ‘Rough Edges’, a local drop-in centre for the homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged community in King Cross.  These tales of life in this notorious suburb were then uploaded onto an LED screen and installed at the front of the service.  Passers-by who would otherwise have walked (often hurriedly) straight past this centre, stopped to read the narratives displayed.  As they paused, members of the Rough Edges community approached to expand further on the stories being progressively revealed.  This encouraged different socio-economic groups to converse in an area of the city increasingly renowned for its segregation due to heightened gentrification.  The LED screen with captured stories was later installed at Edward Eager Lodge, a crisis accommodation service in Surry Hills.  See Street Stories 2

Guest contributors: David, Peter, Mark, Cheryl, Matthew, Michael, Rick.

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