10012 Meal & Talk Ticket

10012 Meal & Talk Ticket 1.1

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Description: The Action Researcher/Performer stenciled the ZIP code '10012' (the area in which she was living in New York) onto the front of fifty small yellow envelopes.  Inside each envelope was enclosed an origami peace dove made from hand folded golden paper.  Also included in the envelope were four coins: a penny, nickel, dime and quarter, stitched onto a piece of grey felt.  The words- 'Meal and Talk Ticket' were written on a small yellow piece of paper, which was placed in the envelope along with a set of instructions.  The instructions read: 'show your ticket to a person wearing a yellow 10012 tag to receive your free meal and conversation at the nearest venue'.  The Action Researcher/Performer then placed the sealed envelopes in the hats, cups, buckets or next to the signs of people begging or busking on the streets of New York.  The Action Researcher/Performer then walked around the city over the course of many days, wearing a large yellow tag with the postcode '10012' stenciled on it for people who had received a ticket to spot.

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