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Description: The Action Researcher/Performer recorded a brief summary of everyday happenings witnessed on the corners of one hundred intersections in New York.  These texts were then typed onto small strips of paper, including the date and time of the in-situ recording and the numerical details of the intersecting streets.  Numbers corresponding to these intersections (e.g. 35th Street and 6th Avenue appearing as 35-6) were then stenciled onto the outside of one hundred small white boxes.  Inside these boxes was placed the typed corresponding story resting on top of a piece of black plastic garbage bag that had been cut to size.  The boxes were then placed within a large transparent plastic bag that was suspended on a white laundry trolley.  The Action Researcher/Performer then wheeled the trolley back to the street corners where the recordings had originally taken place and each story was read out aloud at the corresponding intersection.  Once the story had been read, the box was then left on the corner of the street, or offered to a passer-by if interest had been shown to keep it.  Some members of the public asked if they could select a box corresponding to their favourite intersection, generating many conversations about local experiences of New York City. 

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