Portable Theatre 1

Portable Theatre 1 1.1

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Description: A small-scale portable theatre set was constructed that could be strapped to the front of the Action Researcher/Performer.  An extendable tripod arm could then be used to hold a video camera, secured to the front of the theatre when open.  A miniature grey figure (as a scaled down representation of the Action Researcher/Performer) was used as the central character in the evolving script, manipulated to tell stories of encounters along the journey across India from Jaisalmer to Kolkata.  Objects found along the route were included in the story-telling process, the central character, for example interacting with traditionally dressed female figures, model scale auto-cars and ancient scrolls as backdrops.  Crowds of passers-by stopped to watch the Portable Theatre Project when scenes were being constructed on the footpath and a number of locals asked to wear the Portable Theatre themselves to create their own narrative productions.  See Portable Theatre 2.

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