Self Defence

Self Defence 1.1

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Description: Tom McRoberts was a notorious personality on the streets of Sydney, renowned for his eccentric collection of found items, which he frequently attached to his clothing, hat and bags.  Tom would often be seen walking the streets of inner-city Sydney with a bunch of flowers in his hands, gleaned from the front gardens of local houses.  Arranging a beautiful bouquet from these collections, he would offer the bunch to strangers he chanced upon during the day.  On a number of occasions Tom spoke of troubles he had encountered with other 'characters' on the streets of Sydney and with local authorities.  On one occasion the Action Researcher/Performer witnessed a knife protruding from his bag with a bouquet of flowers attached to the handle.  As a tribute to Tom's unique personality, his generosity of spirit and his imaginative constructions, the Action Researcher/Performer reproduced versions of these forms attaching flowers to a range of different 'weapons'.  

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