Slip through the cracks

Slip through the cracks 1.1

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Description: Responding to the quote overheard in New York, that- 'it just takes one dollar to make a man', the Action Researcher/Performer created ten small figures from grey felt with a one-dollar bill inserted inside them before sewing the form shut.  Each grey figure was then placed inside two yellow pieces of fabric that had written in black pen on the outside, quotes from 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities' by New York author/activist/urbanist Jane Jacobs.  The yellow pieces of fabric were then sewn together, trapping the grey figures inside.  The Action Researcher/Performer then inserted these works into various cracks in the streetscape environment of downtown New York.  Responding to another idea heard in New York about how easily people 'slip through the cracks', if found, the one-dollar bill it was thought, could provide some hope for the person who chanced upon it.

Jacobs, J. (1972) The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Harmonsworth: Penguin.

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