Street Theory

Street Theory 1.1

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Description: Quotes from two notable American urban theorists, Jane Jacobs and Kevin Lynch were stencilled onto the outside surface of two separate portable white wardrobes.  The wardrobes were then positioned in various configurations on different footpath locations in downtown New York.  Inside the wardrobes a notepad and pen were suspended for the Action Researcher/Performer to record observations.  Depending upon which booth the Action Researcher/Performer was positioned within, she would write from the perspective of either theorist, taking into consideration their views about the city experience. 

Jacobs, J. (1972) The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Harmonsworth: Penguin.

Lynch, K., Banerjee, T., & Southworth, M. (1990). City sense and city design: writings and projects of  Kevin Lynch. Cambridge: MIT press.

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