Urban Fabric

Urban Fabric 1.1

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Description: Headlines sourced from 'New York 1' local news were stenciled onto iconic 'I Love New York' t-shirts, contrasting the real difficulties facing the inhabitants of the city with its glossy 'tourist' driven image.  Some of the texts read: '4% - 8% Rent Rise', 'Grad student Assault', 'Deadly crane crash', 'Drug bust Brooklyn', 'Teen shot Harlem', 'Beaten toddler dies', 'Staten dog mauling' and 'Bronx women stabbed'.  The t-shirts were then hung on coat hangers suspended on a light-weight clothes rack, which was taken to Broadway in Soho.  The Action Researcher/Performer positioned the rack between other street vendor stalls selling such items as: sunglasses, hats, hot dogs and drinks.  Members of the public stopped to read the t-shirts and heated conversations transpired about the current state of affairs in New York City.  There was a particularly strong sentiment and hope for 'change' with the 2008 Presidential elections fast approaching, which Barack Obama eventually won, defeating Senator John McCain.  Passers-by who showed a keen interest in any one of the t-shirts were offered them for free. 

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