City Captured 1

City Captured 1.1

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Description: How can an individual’s experience of a city be visually represented in a portable, transferable and efficient manner?  Can idiosyncratic colour schemes, surface relief, sounds, tastes, smells, movements and words be captured, identifying unique characteristics of place?  The Action Researcher/Performer recorded in her diary proportional colour schemes from seven streets in different neighbourhoods around Beijing.  These sketches were then transferred onto A4 panels using a grid format, each square painted with the matching colours viewed in order of progression when walking earlier in the day.  These uniquely varied colour palettes identified were then used as swatches in other project series, now with a specifically identifiable relationship to Beijing.  A small viewfinder was used to select different textural relief on the ground surface of Beijing footpaths.  Twelve copies of the same relief image were then transferred onto paper cards using a thick black marker pen and positive-and-negative space techniques.  Twelve different relief images were collected, creating 144 individual cards.  These cards were then arranged in various configurations onto seven different A4 panels, creating new patterning systems derived from place.  A grey portable wooden box contained the equipment to record and display these findings.  See City Captured 2


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