City Observed

City Observed 1.1

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Description: A manipulated portable shelving device was converted into an observation post.  This 'booth' was wheeled to four sites in Manhattan and installed for varying periods of time at each location.  The intersections were: Cnr East 14th Street and Union Square West; East 17th Street and Park Avenue; Washington Square Park; Cnr 3rd Avenue and West 4th Street; and the L Train between 14th Street and Grand Street station.  At each selected site, the Action Researcher/Performers sat inside the 'booth' recording their sensory experience of the location.  The time and intersection description were included at the top of each page and when complete, the page was slipped into the plastic sleeves on the outside of the booth for passers-by to read.  Positioned above the Action Researcher/Performers inside the booth was a series of suspended signs.  The signs had stencilled on their surface the name of each of the five boroughs, as well as a series of topical issues about the city of New York.  Passers-by were encouraged to enter the booth and write about their borough of residence and/or, choose one of the issues identified.  However, all members of the public who engaged chose not to discuss a topic, instead writing about their immediate or past experience of living in, or visiting New York.


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