Just in Time

Just in Time 1.1

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Description: Two Action Researcher/Performers wheeled images suspended on an adjustable garment rack around the industrial streets of East Williamsburg.  Each painted panel (seven in total as well as the use of the black painted uniform backs) was progressively turned around and rearranged to create a series of different compositions.  The panel imagery addressed the issue of gun violence in New York, particularly the increase in shootings of children over the summer months of 2012.  Interchanged with the black and white stencils (taking compositional reference from the 'mash-up' posters in the subway), were pastel pinks, symbolising youth culture and the ever-present phenomenon of 'Mister Softee' ice-cream trucks on the streets of New York.  Gun violence on sidewalks, in parks and basketball courts sat along side the disputed ice-cream trucks, two iconic and contested features of summer in New York City.


© Astra Howard 2014