Nature Reclaims

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Description: In numerous public spaces around Ho Chi Minh, the domestic material of alfoil was used in unusual ways, for example- as decoration on the tree trunks; as hoarding on buildings; and as entrance features to restaurants.  Public phone booths located throughout the city were left in an increasingly deteriorating condition due to the prevalence of mobile phone use.  Within these blue-coloured phone booths, cups were often left along with other items no longer of value.  Just prior to the Vietnamese Lunar New Year there was also a significant amount of flowers located throughout the city in real and manufactured forms.  The Action Researcher/Performer decided to create still-life scenes, using alfoil and blue plastic bags and then installed these into phone booths in various locations around Ho Chi Minh.  Could the natural landscape reclaim parts of the city no longer of use to its inhabitants?

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