Peekskill Narrative Generating Booth

Peekskill NGB 1.1

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Description: A portable 'observation booth' was wheeled by the Action Researcher/Performer to three distinct areas of Peekskill- the train station/riverfront, downtown and the streetscapes surrounding HVCCA.  Over the duration of the two-day opening weekend of the Peekskill Project V Festival, idiosyncratic elements of the local scene were progressively documented and simultaneously displayed on the mobile recording devise.  Quiet written observations about the town, witnessed by the Action Researcher/Performer, developed at most sites into lengthy vocal conversations with locals.  Initially, passing pedestrians cautiously approached the booth, but were soon eager to add their 'views' to the developing script.  Residents spoke about their experience living in Peekskill, often including a comprehensive description about the socio-economic and cultural changes seen in the town over the years.  After discussing local issues, members of the public then candidly addressed national and international political affairs, willing to share their position about life in America circa 2012.


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