Placing Orwell 2

Placing Orwell 2 1.1

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Description: In this second response to George Orwell's 1933 memoir- 'Down and Out in Paris and London', pages from a copy of this book were individually pulled out from the spine.  The most memorable excerpt on each page was then selected and using a needle and thread was sewn around with a basting stitch.  For the Paris component of the text, red thread was used to identify the quote and for the London component, black thread was used.  The thread was then fastened at the back of each page with a match.  These individually sewn pages were then left in twenty-seven different public telephone booths along the streets of Paris and in twenty-six public telephone booths across London, for passers-by to chance upon.

Orwell, G. (2003) Down and Out in Paris and London, London: Penguin Books.

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