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Who are You? 1.1

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Description: 'Trolley Work' is the title of an ongoing series of experiments undertaken as a 'remote' collaboration between Astra Howard and Mexican artist, Hilario Ortega, in different locations around the world.  The 'trolley' is a ubiquitous object in the public spaces of many countries, used as a means of manually carrying objects of value from one location to another.  The trolley in the 'Trolley Work' series is used as a means to transport ideas, to push thoughts and pull the interest of passers-by.  'Who Are You?' asks the public to consider themselves in relation to the city and offers an opportunity to engage.  On the streets of Mexico City, Hilario Ortega wheeled a trolley with a mirror attached measuring 50cms x 130cms.  Written on the mirror were the words- 'Quién Eres tú?' in Spanish.  In Paris, Astra Howard pulled a trolley with a blackboard attached measuring 40cm x 60cm, displaying the chalked words- 'Qui Êtes-Vous?' in French.  The words 'Who am I' (Qui Suis-Je?) were also interchanged on the blackboard in Paris, the chalk text rubbed out and re-written many times.  In London Astra pulled a trolley with a mirror attached measuring 30cm x 100cm.  Adhered to the mirror were the words in black card: 'Who are you?'  See Who Are You ? 4.


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