Clothes Re-framed

Clothes Re-framed 1.1

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Description: Unwanted clothes could be seen strewn across the pavements in Paris, items wedged up against gutters, suspended from the rims of garbage bins, or left resting on public seats.  The proliferation of these garments in public spaces reflected the scale of the homeless population domesticating the city and at the same time exposed the very personal experience of each individual.  Clothes were variously stained and soiled revealing the lived bodily experience of each item prior to being discarded.  When the Action Researcher/Performer came across these garments, she used a pair of scissors to cut out a section from each.  These fragments were then inserted into 13cm x 18cm frames, giving them a new sense of identity and value.  The framed fragments were then positioned back in the city, as recognition of the people who had lived precariously in this public domain circa 2014.

© Astra Howard 2014