Tidal Wave Capture


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Description: Being influenced by the sea that surrounds the island of Xiamen, a series of 'fish' inspired designs were created.  The iconography of fish/sea life can be seen all over the city, including the produce being sold in abundance in the many street-based fresh food markets.  First a series of three-dimensional fish were made from white fabric and suspended between two trees (similar to clothes being hung to dry on a line between trees in public spaces).  The idea that a historic tidal wave could have caused all of the tree trunks to turn white (as they are all painted in Xiamen) led to the idea of the fish from this 'fantasy time' also being completely white.  Next, a fish inspired bed sheet was sewn that was then thrown directly into the ocean in order to mark the surface by the sea and sand.  The sheet was then hung between two trees (as typically seen with bedding to dry in Xiamen) and various quantities of black ink were thrown on it.  A passer-by who stopped to watch the ink transforming the colour of the fabric, commented that the new blue/grey surface was becoming increasingly similar to the sky and ocean of Xiamen.  After the sheet was left to dry, it was taken to a local tailor to be cut into a coat.  The Action Researcher/Performer wore this coat at the beach in Xiamen as well as around the city streets.

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