Red Carpet Welcome

Red Carpet Welcome 1.1

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Description: Red carpets are seen at the doorway entrances of businesses throughout Xiamen to attract attention and encourage passersby to enter.  After some time, these red carpets become worn and progressively molded to the shape of the uneven pavement underneath, consequently losing some of their 'welcoming' appeal.  Taking inspiration from Xiamen's abundance of, and love for, plants, the Action Researcher/Performer made a series of red carpets that had plant inspired motifs cut around their borders.  These new very decorative red carpets were then placed at the entrances of anonymous houses or small businesses.  Seeing these 'new carpets' being arranged at the doorstep of one's own or that of a neighbour's entrance, locals eagerly came close to talk, help lay out the leaves and generally gave the impression that they liked this new 'authority' and 'identity' (even if temporary) that the carpet gave their home or enterprise.

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