Windows on the Street

Windows on the Street 1.1

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Description: Most apartment windows and balconies in Xiamen have metal grid structured grates attached around the outside.  Inside these 'cages', colourful clothes are often seen hanging to dry and below, plants are positioned in abundance.  The range of these different 'private' domestic scenes made 'public' around the city is endless and intriguing, as each window or balcony seems to reveal much about the occupants living inside.  A scaled-down transportable version of these window grates was designed and then constructed by local metal fabricators and finally, pulled around the Shapowei district of Xiamen by university students- Lilly, Lilo, Cassie, Eva and Jamie.  Inside the trolley was an assortment of clothes and plants, the arrangement of these items being changed many times throughout the journey around the neighbourhood. 

© Astra Howard 2014