Scene Capture Integration Vehicle

Scene Capture Integration Vehicle 1.1

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Description: The 'Scene Capture Integration Vehicle' (SCIV) is an experiment project in observing and responding to the visual dynamic of the streetscape of Melbourne.  The SCIV was wheeled between Union Lane, Hosier Lane, Rutlegde Lane, ACDC Lane and Duckboard Place with laser cut panels in sets of nine depicting iconic scenes of Melbourne.  The graphic nature of the scenes and the laser cut process meant there was constant interplay between positive and negative imagery recognition.  These scenes were variously interchanged by the Action Researcher/Performer and positioned against the many and varied colourful walls of Melbourne’s graffiti laneways, initiating the scene capture and integration process.  The laser cut panels were also used as stencils to spray paint images onto a series of blanks carried by the SCIV.  New scenes and combinations of scenes were therefore created on and between sites that became increasingly interpretive of the aesthetic dynamic of the city of Melbourne.

See further deployment details here.

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