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Description:  Inspired by the increasing number of pencil thin towers being erected across New York and the dominance of the colour black seen around the city, a tower was constructed and set on wheels.  As a premonition of a dark future for the US under the possible leadership of Donald Trump, or an apocalyptic vision of Capitalism reaching its end point, what becomes of the city and its citizens?

More specifically, as the Action Researcher/Performer moved the tower along the streets of Brooklyn, she described the experience of the tower representing X.  Onto X she explained, could be attributed a child, a mother, or expressions of grief and trauma.  As the tower was progressively pulled and pushed, carried and repelled, the shifting emotional relationship between her body and the tower were palpable and ultimately transformative.  Is there something about the act of 'towering' that changes one’s experience of the city and at the same time alters ones state of mindfulness?  The tower was left, abandoned in the city with the Action Researcher/Performer's clothes inside.

© Astra Howard 2014