Coralie Hinkley - Author VV text 0116


Further information about Coralie Hinkley can be found here

A selection of quotes by Coralie Hinkley are noted below, from an interview undertaken by City  about her engagement with Village Voices.

"I can't let language go, the language of dance, the language of poetry".

"Exploration is taking in, absorbing, thinking, seeing what is lining a place, how people behave, how they speak and doing it again and again until it seeps into you". 

"The poem won't tell you anything, you have to put something into it, your impression".

"We need creative education - design, dynamics, rhythm and gesture". 

"You don't know the potential that is in us". 

"Once the creative spark is touched, is ignited, you can relate to other things". 

"We need meaning in life. A lot of people don't know they don't have it and then it is too late".

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