Past-Present-Future Vehicle

Past-Present-Future Vehicle 1.1

                 Melbourne  /  Chatswood  /  Surry Hills  /  Waverley  /  Return to 2017

Description: The Past-Present-Future Vehicle (PPFV) engaged members of the public in conversation about historical, contemporary and future issues and events.  A large variable year/date display indicated the era that inspired the exchange between a member of the public and the AR/P who was operating the vehicle.  For example, subjects of conversation came from as far back as 3000BC, as close as the 1990s, or were predictions of what might happen in 2017 or by 2030.  The PPFV incorporated two rows of moveable text.  The first row compiled by the AR/P, communicated a significant event that occurred during the year in question. The second row summarised a personal story, recollection or aspiration by a member of the public. Alternatively, both rows communicated either a world or personal event chosen by the AR/P or a member of the public.  Wheeled around the pedestrian areas of Melbourne's CBD, the PPFV provided an opportunity for individuals to stop and take stock of their thoughts and lives, contemplating for a short while their place in the history of the universe.  From the banal to the sublime, all was captured and then communicated to form a collective understanding of who we are, where we’ve been and where we are headed.  The PPFV has also been deployed in Chatswood, Surry Hills and Bondi Junction in Sydney.

Guest contributors: Avril, Paulina, Jen, William, Mike, Mal, Bev, Barry, Maggie, Sam, Harry, Heather, Oush, Chris, Nimes, Jim, Katrina, Michael, Eddie, Kaled, Geoff, Yung, Guy (Melbourne); Ranga, Candace, Caitlin, Camellia Eddie (Chatswood); Brendon, Victoria, Emmanuel, Maryanne, Kano (Surry Hills); Gremlin, Earl, Zafeira, Mick, Craig, Greg, Eva (Waverley) and numerous others. 

See events displayed, discussed and debated in Melbourne here, in Chatswood here, in Surry Hills here and in Waverley here

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