CITYtalking (M-V01 CT)

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Function: To generate data and stories about place; to create a catalyst for conversation with members of the public; to display (authorised) personal stories in real time; to record and communicate stories from many different locations throughout the CBD; and to create an archive about place by members of the public.

Design Features: All weather aluminium and timber construction; seating for two; LED screens (x 2); on board 12V converter powered; 150mm steering wheels (x 2), 150mm wheels with breaks (x 2); semi-opaque pull-down blinds (x 2) for shade and privacy/anonymity; laptop for AR/P recording of conversation/story from participant; powerboard; intercom; large handle for pulling/steering; internal storage compartment.

Deployment: Possible in most city terrains.  Hard surfaces, concrete or bitumen easier than softer gravel or grass.  Steep slopes to be avoided.  Level ground required when stationary.  Medium to busy pedestrian traffic location most effective.

Public Engagement: A member of the public sits within the M-V and engages via intercom with the AR/P.  Unlimited public audience.

Action Researcher/Performer's (AR/P) Role: Generates and maintains the conversation with engaged members of the public; records and archives the stories told; transmits the edited stories to the LED screens; and periodically relocates the M-V to different locations in the city.

Assistant's Role: One assistant required to help wheel the M-V to various locations in the city; for explanation to the public when necessary; and to undertake still and video image documentation.

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"This work stopped me in my tracks as these two people were getting into a pretty full-on discussion about the state of affairs in Oz. Something we don't see in the papers, tv and other media. There were people queuing up for their turn, it was strong stuff - people were stopping and reading, shaking their heads or nodding as they read and walked on or stopped dead in their tracks as I did almost in disbelief. Not that it was shocking, but just that these things were being said not in the privacy of our homes but in a public space. Powerful stuff." (Member of the public)

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