Surveillance with Public Intent Vehicle (M-V03 SPIV)

Surveillance with Public Intent Vehicle 1.1

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Function: To act as a catalyst for conversation between people about issues affecting their city; to connect strangers through the act of live writing and directed dialogue; to generate discussion and debate about local topics; and to archive data and stories about place.

Design Features: All weather aluminium, clear acrylic sheet and timber construction; standing/sitting room for one; 360 degree transparent communication surface; 70mm steering wheels (x 2) and 70mm wheels with breaks (x 2); internally lockable sitting/working space; blinds for light control/shade (x 4); internal storage; and removable external marker pen holder.

Deployment: Possible in most city terrains.  Hard surfaces, concrete or bitumen easier than softer gravel or grass.  Steep slopes to be avoided.  Level ground required when stationary.  Medium to busy pedestrian traffic location most effective.

Public Engagement: Up to eight people can directly engage in writing their message/stories at any one time.  Unlimited public audience.

Action Researcher/Performer's (AR/P) Role: Writes and records information about the surrounding environment; engages members of the public by posing questions about their experience of the local area; and draws links between situations witnessed over the duration of the observation/recording period.

Assistant's Role: One assistant required for explanation to the public when necessary; progressive cleaning of windows on the outside; offering and retrieving white board marker pens to the public; and undertakes still and video image documentation.

See further details about the Surveillance with Public Intent Vehicle (M-V03 SPIV) here.

Thanks very much for your (SPIV) project. It was greatly appreciated and I am extremely pleased that you were part of White Street Project. (Mark Themann, Arts Project Worker, Frankston City Council)

“It has been a pleasure helping you with your (SPIV) project. It certainly has been very positive for Gosford.” (Neil Berecry-Brown, Brown's Cows Arts Projects)

Your (SPIV) project had a lasting effect and we are all big fans of your work, so if you come up with any new ideas let us know.“ (Anne Cole, Assistant Director, Office for Seniors, Department of Communities)  

“This project is silent yet so powerful.”

I’ve been all over the world and never seen anything like this.

"We have decided that you are the analogue blogger.”

“There are not many forums for people to discuss these issues.”

“I really respect what you are doing, it is breaking down the barriers.” 

(Members of the public)


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