Surveillance with Public Intent Vehicle

Surveillance with Public Intent Vehicle 1.1

      Sydney  /  Brisbane  /  Adelaide  /  Gosford  /  Frankston  /  Return to 2007

Description: The Surveillance with Public Intent Vehicle provided a platform for the observation and recording of city locations, in Sydney, Brisbane, Frankston, Gosford and Adelaide.  The Action Researcher/Performer positioned inside the vehicle, recorded (by writing backwards) on the transparent acrylic sheet panels, elements of the local scene that were indicative of, and idiosyncratic to, each location.  Live observations included aspects of the urban and architectural landscape, the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, individual personalities inhabiting the area and the climatic conditions during the day.  The extra height of the vehicle above normal pedestrian level, allowed the Action Researcher/Performer to have a clear view at all times of the evolving city scene.  As passersby saw themselves being written into the local script, they approached the vehicle to add their views (writing comments on the outside of the clear panels) giving further details about life in their city.  In doing so, they came into contact with other members of the public, of different demographics, creating a catalyst for dialogue and debate about the city experience.

SPIV response from Brisbane can be viewed here.

SPIV response from Gosford can be viewed here.

SPIV response from Frankston can be viewed here.

See further deployment details here.

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