Time-Out Vehicle (M-V07 TOV)

Time-Out Vehicle 1.1

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Function: To provide members of the public with a physical and mental break from the city, allowing them to select a specific duration of contemplative time enclosed within the M-V.

Design Features: All weather aluminium construction; seats one; LCD clock display (including date, temperature and humidity of the location); 70mm wheels with breaks (x 4); and an accessible side door.

Deployment: Possible in most city terrains.  Hard surfaces, concrete or bitumen easier than softer gravel or grass.  Steep slopes to be avoided.  Level ground required when stationary.  Medium to busy pedestrian traffic location most effective.

Public Engagement: One member of the public can sit inside the M-V.  Unlimited public audience.

Action Researcher/Performer's (AR/P) Role: Encourages members of the public to engage; and assists making the digital selection of the timeframe required.

Assistant's Role: One assistant required to undertake still and video image documentation.

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