Moving Messages

Moving Messages 1.1

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Description: 'Moving Messages' was inspired by the increasing use of advertising imagery adhered to the outside of public and private vehicles in the city.  It also referenced the changing messages installed on signs at the front of churches to communicate persuasive ideas to the public.  The Action Researcher/Performer installed two large frames on either side of her car and then progressively inserted a range of different signs inside.  In Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Series 6, quotes were displayed by novelists and urban theorists addressing aspects of the city experience.  In series 4, quotes were displayed by authors writing about the Blue Mountains.  In series 5, quotes were displayed by locals in Surry Hills writing about their experience of the area.  The 5th series was a parallel project of the Village Voices public artwork and the Surry Hills Festival.

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