I'm Hungry Please 2

I'm Hungry Please 2 1.1

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Description: A selection of famous poems referencing particular street sites in Paris were photocopied and then folded into red envelopes with some coins included, before being sealed.  On the front of the envelopes was written: ‘Pour toi ouvert’ (For you open).  When approached by 'gypsy' beggars (a commonplace and often aggressive occurrence on the streets of Paris) the Action Researcher/Performer would offer them an envelope.  Similarly, many 'gypsy' beggars positioned themselves on busy thoroughfares or in front of bakeries in Paris, with a sign asking for help placed next to a basket or cup to collect coins.  Most often they would repeat the words 's'il vous plaît' (please) with their hands held out in front of them or pressed together in a praying pose.  Frequently coming across this scene, the Action Researcher/Performer began leaving red envelopes next to their hand written signs.  See I'm Hungry Please 1 and I'm Hungry Please 3.


Jouet, J. (2009). Poèmes de Paris: une anthologie à l'usage des flâneurs, Paris: Parigramme.


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