Christine Goodman - Author VV text 0418

Christine Goodman

Christine Goodman

London born, City of Sydney living local with divine links past, present and future to India.
Wordsmith, poet, creative, sound artist, yoga & meditation teacher and supreme lover of life 
on a mission to spread colour and joy on waves of sublime sound and tapestries of words. Christine believes that community is everywhere and loves to share the joy through regular sound events, workshops & retreats in Sydney and beyond: The poem emerged from a spontaneous encounter in a Surry Hills Indian restaurant. She then walked around the corner and found the Crown Street Artwork. What fabulous synchronicity! It was impossible not to share the joy.

See Christine's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

I saw a woman -

a mother, a wife,

a daughter, a friend,

resplendent in bright orange

salwar kameez.


Without thought of

language or familiarity

I approached her and said

"You are SO beautiful!"


She looked surprised.


Her family paused

then seemed delighted.


Joy spread like wildfire through uncharted territory.

True Beauty has no boundaries.

© Astra Howard 2014