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Michael Robinson

Hi my name is Michael Robinson.  I am 38 year old.  I have lived in Sydney my whole life.  I have been on and off the street for many years.  There is a lot of help for the homeless in and around the city.  I have found the case workers at refuges very helpful.  Case workers do everything they can to support the homeless.  Essentially it is up to myself to help them help me and do everything I can to address both addictions and mental health.  Ignoring my addictions such as gambling and alcohol doesn't help, but only suppresses emotions and feelings and distracts me from succeeding in life.  Mental health is becoming more and more widely spread all through society.

Having places such as Foster House and other refuges like these institutions help give people with mental health an opportunity to become more in tune with life.  At most refuges there are so many people of all different abilities such as psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, community workers, doctors, nurses and many other professionals that work strenuously in everything they do.  There is no magic pill for mental health, but case workers do help give a fighting chance to combat anxiety, depression, stress and other overwhelming emotions of problems in today's society.  I must say there are a lot of men's refuges but not many women's refuges in and around the city. 

I do really appreciate all the support from places such as: Foster House - Salvation Army, Edward Eagar Lodge - Wesley Mission, Haymarket Foundation, Mission Australia, Anglicare, St Vincent De Paul Society and any other service that helps the starving community that are in need.  Thank you to every person that helps to support the homeless. 

See Michael's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

Foster House

To some it is their home a strong built castle

A stay over sojourn without being a pass over parcel

Plenty of couches to sit and watch T.V.

Shelter from the rain and off the street

Part dorm part dwelling a rooming house of accommodation

A resort to give hope a place of salvation

Not a roadhouse not a saloon not even a tavern

A harbour of home a lodge of appreciation

A palace a place a port of emotional protection

Residence's quarters with room of inspiration

An abode to help give mental health a very long vacation

With tolerance of such empathy and kindness

A warm sense of feeling with mercy and tenderness

Considerate and thoughtful approachable with kindliness

Case workers to help that are sensitive soft of gentleness

Entertaining to love of such compassion

All staff are kind and very patient

Supportive and perceptive humane and benevolent

The cooks are awesome like a five-star restaurant

As soon as you get there a gate of welcoming

Able to sleep and rest a gateway of understanding

Fellow solicitude generous and forgiving

More sensitive to love and forbearing

Not a shanty not a shack but a villa of serenity

A refuge to reside when you're lost and lonely

To retreat and get away from pressures of society

With concerns toward health with such leniency

Far from the reaches of plan ole sympathy.

© Astra Howard 2014