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Joshua Roddenby

Joshua Roddenby

This text by Joshua Roddenby is from a poem he wrote called The Bus published in his book of poems titled Society's Product. Josh writes: "From a wild, drunken life in poverty stricken Australia, to better times in North America and Europe, back to a modest, sober life in Suburbia, Australia. Life's questions remain unanswered, but the universal language is clear; always follow your heart."

See Joshua's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

The Bus

Conversations that bore me, 

Suspicious looks that whore me,

While I'm waiting for a bus.

Pleasantries that dinstance me, 

Obscenities that frequent me, 

It all comes down to trust.

Turn around, go on home, 

Socially drawn to the midnight stone,

Today's not a day to transit.

Dispensed of obligations; niceties, 

Having no time, for compliments and maybes, 

Wasting my whole damn life, … waiting for a bus.

© Astra Howard 2014