Chav, Sam, Stuart and Remy - Authors VV text 0119

Chav, Sam, Stuart and Remy

Chav Gibson, Sam Carman, Stuart Mclean and Remy Wolanski

Chav, Sam, Stuart and Remy each submitted a text via the Village Voices dropbox.  These four unrelated texts have been combined to create a composite display.  New meanings emerge between the lines as the ideas are read together.  This is the third composite text to be displayed on Village Voices, juxtaposing the varied sentiments of people living in or moving through Surry Hills.

Stuart Mclean

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a Village Voice to raise social consciousness.  Sydney newspaper reporter Stuart McLean has worked in Surry Hills since the late 1970s and can remember a time when the presses in the basement would vibrate the offices in Kippax Street.  "I’m honoured to be part of a collaboration text on the Village Voices art project," he said.  "Blink And You Will Miss It" refers to the art installation itself and to life in general.  "Take time to look up from your phone and stop and smell the roses," Stuart said.

See Remy's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

Human's don't like change, but it's strange, they forget what happened in the past so fast.

See Sam's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

Hope is the most surprising force on the planet, and it often arrives unexpectedly.  Do not live for hope, but know that it is on it's way.

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