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Klara Zhao

Klara Zhao

I have lived in Surry Hills for a decade, and have spent countless weekends roaming these streets.  I am reader and a writer as much as a wanderer.  In terms of reading, I enjoy philosophy, modern classics, and in particular the works of Herman Hesse and Italo Calvino. My writing focuses on the various idiosyncrasies of the world, many of which have been inspired by this neighbourhood.  I have always enjoyed travelling, and the cultural pleasures it has to offer.  Though I have not lived long enough to have experienced very much worth noting, I believe in the empirical and transcendental value of opening one's mind to the quirks of the world through exposure to different scenes and environments.  See Klara's blog here: https://haplosocius.wordpress.com/

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I am a wanderer.  I accidentally became one during the holidays when I decided to get a job. Walking the length of Bourke Street, I kept walking – deliberately aimlessly.  I found myself near Oxford Street, then headed back along Crown St.  From that day, I have been an avid wanderer.  I am glad that I never got a job – it is incredible, the amount of fascinating things in the world one notices, if only one loses deliberation.  

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