Mel, Emily, Barbara (& Justin) - Authors VV text 0517

Mel, Emily & Barbara

Mel Winnel, Emily West, Barbara Roddenby (& Justin)

The Salvation Army's Sydney Streetlevel Mission has many opportunities for people to engage and share in life together.  Located at the corner of Albion Street and Derby Lane, Streetlevel is a place of hope, healing and restoration, where members of the community are invited to visit, connect and offer support.  Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 3.30pm.  There are laundry, shower and lockers available, a foodmarket, financial counselling, case management and an op shop.  There is breakfast, tea and coffee available at the cafe, as well as $2 lunch served from 12pm weekdays and a free Community Connect Lunch served every Thursday from 12pm.

See Barbara's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

Relatively simple is a life

And really small of much strife

But we ask: How do you see us?

It doesn't really matter!

We find our simple place today

When we say: we know we'll stay!


Eloquent, effusive play

A market, dance and act is here!

Relevant to all our lives

Is a happy and a friendly way

So just give us as a happy today.


All together or all alone.

This is the place we all call home

Children off to ballet classes

Or watching telly all alone

Recollections and no more to roam

This is the place that is our home.


Children running up and down

Joy and holidays abounds

Here is a happy place

With no more thought of place to space

Recollections all the while

Bring a little smile


One is here and rests at last

After a pace of life and work

It doesn't matter what is your past?

You're here and settled down

Now, two four six and wait?!

We're here and home.

See Justin's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

Open the doors to the hills

A lifestyle of busy aromas

A local home

A spell of social token

A secret to her heart

Lost is found in a gentle pass

Through a wide strawberry meadow

See Emily's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

Walking in pairs

Pets, partners or protectors

Avoiding the eyes of those around

The contrast outwardly seen longings

But inside the same constant

Anything clings to the emptiness

Trying to be filled


Routine mixed with new things

Constant consuming but left empty

Lonely in the crowds

Bags are filled, life is carried around

In an instant all is lost

Skin and bones and a spirit soul

we are all the same


Sirens, engines, dings, dangs and dongs

The loudness  almost brings deafness

Lines cross paths

those with lots and those with few

all living up to grab their morning brew

Working, walking, sitting, talking

You get all sorts out here

Will you stay in there?

See Mel's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

Many small homes, many individuals

Once outside creates a rich fabric

Differences woven through with colour

Well worn, many marks from

celebration and sorrow

[Providing cover and warmth for all]

© Astra Howard 2014