Pauline Trenerry - Author VV text 0617

Pauline Trenerry - Author VV text 0617

Pauline Trenerry

Pauline Trenerry has lived most of her adult life in the Inner West, mainly in Newtown.  At primary school she wrote poetry and short stories and was asked to stand up in front of the assembly to read aloud a story she had written.  Pauline considers herself lazy, so for the next thirty years she wrote hardly anything creative.  Recently however, she became a member of the Wayside Drama Group and the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble.  Her poem My ADD won the Wayside Chapel Poetry Slam Most Original Poem prize in 2016 and her play Waiting for the Bride was performed by the Wayside Twilight Drama Group at The Old Fitz Theatre in the same year. 

See Pauline's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

We are hoarders, hiders, helpers,

keepers of knowledge.

Experts in cheap meals, low fares/ no fares, 

St Vinnies, Missionbeat, the Salvos.

Multitudes who parties ignore

Chained to Centrelink, psychiatrists, social services

held in boxes labelled

Bludgers, Disabled, The Unemployed

Moved on, pissed on, pushed out, derided.

Don't judge, criticise, moralise,

think you can't lose your job, house, family

all your belongings in the car,

knocking on charities door.

We are writers, performers, ensemble artists.

Special, unique and ordinary.

© Astra Howard 2014