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Natasha Io

Natasha Io. 

Natasha Io is a transgender writer, presenter and educator with a 16 year experience as a senior high school teacher, most of it spent overseas.  She believes words are a myriad pallet of colours, which in the hands of an artist should be a conduit to the soul.  Interested in the crafting of all forms of writing and communicating.  Her constant nemesis is procrastination, however will always produce quality work when squeezed like a rubber duck.

See Natasha's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

Devonshire St morning due has not dissipated to the noon day heat.

Sleeping dog parking spots on Cleveland St.

Foveaux’s farm re-imagined in glass and tin, concrete and brick.

Devonshire St granite necropolis reborn leafy metropolis.

Strawberry Hill crik to Albion Brewery tis sweet unique.

Riley St larrikins morph to recycle wheely bins.

Below O’Hears steps children did play in Frog Hollow.

Strawberry Hill streams now in pipes for your convenience :-p.

Mousaka Migration Municipal Masala.

Wise words oft repeated, ‘there goes the neighbourhood’.

Messers Goodlet and Smith dreamed my home.

3d to 3 dollars for wheat flour, yeast and water. Why?

Gentrified hipsters are obsolescence in waiting. 

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