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Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras

Tula Tzoras is the author of the eBooks The Secret of Your Success as an Actor and The Truth About Acting.  Tula is also a regular contributor to two magazines True Natural Health and Leaders in Heels.  Tula has also had many articles published on subjects of Inspiration, Visualisation, Tips for Happiness, Anxiety, Relationships and Breathing.  Tula has spent all of her adult life in the media and entertainment industry and has worked primarily as an actor, presenter and filmmaker.  Tula also does a lot of speaking and MC work on demand.  For more information please visit Tula’s website www.tulatzoras.com.

See Tula's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

The Homeless Girl

Sweet young girl

As fresh as morning dew

Luxury surrounded you

Caressed you and

Comforted you

Then like a careless lover

Luxury abandoned you

How suddenly you fell

Not a single key to open a door

Oh homeless girl

Who sees your tears

And warms you

In your vulnerable years?

Who feeds you now 

Who takes away the fear

When lost you linger

Now a stranger 

In the mirror.

You look, you search 

But cannot find 

A way back

To your favourite time

The Labyrinth engulfs you

Spiralling you down

You search for salvation

In any smile or frown

Kindness finds you

A miracle you think

He picks you up so courteously

And literally off the street

Now, young girl

You are no more

A menace haunts you

In your fall

Blurry memory

What went wrong

It was as if you left

Your body vacant

And dead.

Homeless girl

Your time will come

When fortunes wheel

Smiles once again

You'll soar to heights

You never knew

One day at a time

You take forever grateful

At daybreak, just for

Being alive

Against your fate

Homeless girl

Dream dream your dreams

For they are crazy, cold

Unforgiving scene.

© Astra Howard 2014